Become a luxury villa owner in Bali
You want to build a wooden house in Bali and you wonder how to buy a land? Thanks to BALI JOGLO, you can benefit from assistance throughout your project. Thus, if you opt for the purchase of land in Bali rather than for rental, we can accompany you in the steps of this acquisition.
Once you have acquired the land, all the possibilities of construction of the villa of your dreams are possible! BALI JOGLO can offer high-end wooden houses of a very large surface so that you are the proud owner of a heavenly home!
From the choice of materials to drawings with our architects, do not limit your desire and let yourself be guided by your wildest dreams!
We are pleased to announce the BALI JOGLO opening in Bali in the real estate development sector.
With a good expertise in wood construction, with exceptional building sites in Bali and its surroundings, we want to assist you in the development of your project from A to Z! turnkey, an overflowing pool that merges into a walled and landscaped garden, in short, an accessible dream that can come true if you trust BALI JOGLO.
Maybe this is the time for you to enjoy … where all the economic parameters are green?
Are you retired and want to spend happy days in a friendly and welcoming country? It is time !
Do you want to invest your capital in the real estate sector where growth is 7%? It’s also the right moment.
BUILDING PLOTS: Buy land in Bali
We have several parcels of several hectares divisible by lot of 5 to 10 ares in the region of CANGGU, TABANAN, UBUD and JIMBARAN and most recently on the island of NUSA PENIDA.
The location of your land and its exposure must be as exceptional as your home!
There you can live more harmoniously with nature, in peace enjoying all the amenities of life in Bali and nearby islands!
Investing in Bali is really a very good opportunity for you. In addition to an exceptional living environment, his placement is very interesting. The rental income is 30% per year and the return on investment in less than 4 years!


All conditions must be met to achieve a sustainable, spacious, bright and friendly habitat.
We have expertise for 10 years in the field of construction of house teak wood, fully turnkey. (BALI JOGLO & Resort)
We use the most noble materials and the most modern construction techniques.
Wood is the only durable and energy efficient material. Let’s not forget the important temperatures that require expensive energy means: the wood does not pick up heat, does not expand and condenses … unlike concrete and steel ..
Our wooden houses of 50m ² 100m ² 200m ² and 300m ² are available on our catalog BALI JOGLO and realizable à la carte. ( tailored)
Our BALI JOGLO cell has simple contracts, translated and validated by French lawyers and notaries.
Home ownership in Bali and its legality:
The Indonesian agrarian law is very different from the laws that apply in Europe. Nevertheless, it is possible for a foreigner to invest in Bali safely, strictly respecting the procedures established by the Indonesian government. This, of course, going through a notary, preferably specialized in this kind of transactions.
Of the 5 categories of rights present in the agrarian law in force, only 3 are of interest to foreigners:
Hak Milik or property right. The latter can only be obtained by an Indonesian citizen.
Hak Pakai or right of use in long-term lease of 25 years, extensible and renewable, valid in particular for foreign individuals (under certain conditions). Relates to LDCs (Foreign Enterprise). This gives rise to a certificate in your name and the renewal involves a new transaction that you can negotiate in advance.
Hak Guna Bangunan or right to build. Conditions close to Hak Pakai but only for LDCs.
In fact, only 2 ways are usually used by foreigners to access the property in Bali.
A. PURCHASE OF THE TERRAIN (Free hold) with an Indonesian nominee since only an Indonesian citizen can own land in Bali. therefore the Hak Milik; the property will be bought in front of a notary in his name (the nominee) and he will sign simultaneously before this one 4 documents giving the full powers on the acquisition:
1 A loan agreement stating that he (the nominee) has borrowed you an amount equivalent to the purchase price of the te